Creating a webpage is so much more than programming and design.

We want to create the best page possible for you. To achieve this, we have to make sure what you need, what the webpage should be like and all the technical and artistic solutions to mix all these concepts into a functional whole.

We offer both simple and more typical solutions, as well as solutions which are completely customized or built from the ground up. As your company?s wants and needs may be as different and varied as the products and services you offer, we are more than ready and willing for new and exciting challenges.

As we create webpages, we use self-developed in-house platforms and popular freeware platforms such as WECMS, Wordpress, Magento, Joomla and Drupal.

The process of creating a webpage entails all the necessary steps to present you with a functional and high-quality end-result.

Webpages that we create are easy to update, upgrade further or customize according to your changing needs and new services or products that you might develop in the future.

Banner Design

An online presentation of any sort is unthinkable without a banner in the corner, or at the very top, calling for action. To ensure your brand visibility, and stand out from the thousands of similar advertisements, our experts make sure that your banner ads target your audience, deliver a message in a single glimpse, and provide you with a constant flow of traffic to your website.

Instead of generic web banners with no genuine expression, we tailor custom banners to match your brand message and marketing strategy. Keeping our designs small in size but powerful in appearance is our specialty, and we guarantee that our banners will load instantaneously while still providing an impressive quality of resolution. By keeping solutions simple but effective, with an emphasis on the content and promotion material, the audience will receive your positive message loud and clear.

Logo Design

Sending a powerful message about your brand, your product and your services, entirely depends on your company logo design. Through the variety of shapes and colours TSD Media will target your model audience and address the targeted market directly, according to your area of expertise and service you provide. We are fully prepared for any niche and brand needed, since our team has worked with the great variety of businesses, so if you are looking for a logo design online, look no further. We got you covered.

We?ve learned observing the mistakes of others, and looked up to the most successful companies and their marketing strategies, constantly improving our approach to the market. In modern day and age, a company without a logo is almost inexistent, and a company with a poorly designed logo is barely on the map. Through our proficiency and expert approach to visual marketing and cognitive perception of advertisement, we will make sure that your future customers identify with your business. In simple words ? we connect people to companies, and all that is left for you is to provide high quality service, as you will be represented by a high quality logo.